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April 28 2014


Brilliant Motives to Hire an Experienced Professional Product Photographer

The value of any kind of item or product increases ten folds when shot by a pro. Why not take the chance and ensure your place in the market place. We present some brilliant motives for it.

Most marketing directors have no other alternative but to approach a pro with credible experience in commercial photography unless they wish to do professional hara-kiri. There are thousands of products clicked with analogous canvas and indistinguishable commercial concepts and layouts. These are just a part of the noise. Whereas, an outstanding photograph will attract attention and remain in the viewer’s mind. It can mean the ultimate difference between success and failure.

What does a professional photographer achieve? We present some brilliant motives that cannot be ignored by a marketing director or any one else looking for better visuals.

Enlist the services of a professional product photographer who has a proven quality record of accomplishment of decent shots with the visibility a client requires. Their portfolios will indicate that they can work with proper direction, contribute via their own creativity. In today’s Internet landscape, everyone has their portfolios online, making our lives easier.

People can breeze past commercials by pressing a button on television. Online users are barraged by pop up ads that they barely pay attention to. It takes a unique image to power its way into the consciousness of consumers. A pro’s photograph does more than portray a product visual or even a message — it is a creative hard to miss. Therefore, the photographer must be in a position to refine the client’s concept and take creative control with his team in creating a stylish presentation. That is particularly important when working with smaller ad agencies and clients. While larger ad agencies may choose hire an art director to oversee production and even have a creative supervisor to direct the photographer’s work, that’s often not the case for clients with tight budgets. Many depend on the photographer’s skills and creativity to capture the right picture within the parameters laid while fixing the creative route.

A professional product photographer may also have some other type of challenges. For example, the presence of models on advertising shoots who are displaying the products. Having a model on set brings is a completely different ball game altogether. This again requires a separate range of skills and understanding of how to treat the human element. While the product itself can be lit in different way to produce the desired effect, models have to be directed to extract the best output of them. When a model has a product in his / her hand, it will evoke a definite response. Say, a guitar or a microphone in the hands of a youngster styled as a musician or singer will definitely arouse more interest than just pack shots. Again, if it a summer dress, how the fabric feels and falls will pop out much more when a model adorns it. Professional Commercial photography does not only rely on intellect but also the emotional side of things. Sometimes, it is not the price of the product that the buyer is looking for. The value addition is important. A visual is able to increase the value ten fold.

So, get yourself noticed by hiring the right product photographer!

March 28 2014

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